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Lifree is Unicharm’s flagship healthcare brand dedicated to maximising dignity and comfort while minimising the impact of incontinence on day to day lives.

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ComfitDry for Heavier Bladder Leakage

ComfitDry for Heavier Bladder Leakage

Maximum protection for those suffering from moderate to heavy incontinence. Innovative Triple Dry Technology helps keep moisture away from the skin for ultimate user comfort.
ComfitDry for Heavier Bladder Leakage Specification Table


The iD range offers a vast assortment of products suitable to all types and levels of incontinence. Latex-free and dermatologically tested, iD products help minimise skin irritations, providing users and carers with an efficient range of continence management solutions.

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iD Form

The iD Forms is a range of anatomically shaped pads with high absorbency capacity. Comfortable to wear with fitted underwear and they allow you to use the toilet as easily as before. Feel secure with double anti-leak barrier and Dry Zone Technology.

iD Expert Form – Large Shaped Incontinence Aid Specification Table

iD Classic Pants

The iD Classic Pants have complete skin protection – fast absorption and instant dryness, 100% breathable, and skin friendly top sheet, which reduces the risk of skin irritations. Easy to use, discreet and specifically designed for those who prefer a higher waist.

iD Pants Specification Table

iD Soft Feel Pants

The iD Pants Soft Feel range is an ideal solution for those managing moderate urinary incontinence and who want the ultimate softness. Designed to combine comfort, softness and discretion.


The Lille range offers a comprehensive range of products suitable to manage all types and levels of incontinence. Lille products are 100% breathable and hypoallergenic, ensuring optimum comfort, security and discretion.

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lille Suprem Form

Suprem Form

Ultra absorbent disposable large shaped continence pad for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence.

The Suprem Form large shaped continence pad is ideal for managing moderate to heavy incontinence. These products provide high levels of absorption and anti leakage protection ensuring that you stay dry. Suitable for male and females, this continence pad is comfortable and highly absorbent.

lille Suprem Form Specification Table
lille Suprem Pants

Suprem Pants

Disposable pants for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence.

Suitable for men and women, the Suprem Pants is an ideal solution for managing incontinence in more active and mobile people. Combining comfort and discretion, the disposable pants include a 100% breathable backsheet that lets your skin breath and stay dry.

lille Suprem Pants Specification Table
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